Sneak Peek: the Focusbar

In Hightrack we have a golden word that is the foundation of our whole project: Focus. That’s why from the very first day we wanted to include it as big feature in our application. Because without Focus, you only have a bunch of things piled together asking for your attention. And we came up with the ‘Focusbar’.

The Focusbar is fixed bar on top of the screen that helps you to change sections, apply filters, browse your tags and even switch the view/layout of your task lists.


The first thing you notice on the Focusbar is a slider to quickly move between the different sections of Tasks: (1) Active Tasks (2) Tasks with Due Date (3) Starred Tasks (4) Programmed Tasks and (5) Completed Tasks. All these sections apply on every list: default lists (‘Inbox’ and ‘All Tasks’) and your own lists.



Next to the sections slider you can find all your Tags (or Contexts, because they work the same). Tags are aligned on the very top to quickly find-and-click what and when you need it. With just one click you can easily group your tasks on the fly to view, decide, organize or rearrange with no hassle.

Imagine that one of your lists has almost 100 tasks. With 4-5 different tags you can easily create subgroups of tasks and jump from one to another in no time. There’s no bells and whistles here, this feature is a must when you’re dealing with tons of tasks. And we know that you have to.

But it gets even better. Because the Focusbar allows you to do multiple selection on your tags, so you can combine subgroups of tasks just clicking in two or three tags at the same time. Quick, clean and super handy for the everyday.

Hightrack will bring you lists, subtasks and tags to manage all your activity. The Focusbar will help you to easily move, group and filter your tasks and actions. Just imagine the possibilities…

On Track!