Sneak Peek: Tracks

Tracks is the third and final app in Hightrack. Tracks are like ‘playlists’ for working. Smart workspaces where tasks and events meet in an uncluttered place created to give you a clear vision of all your activity.

In your TV, you switch channels depending on the moment of the day, available time or when you need to see something specific. Tracks work pretty much the same: you select one when you want to overview your activity, start doing things, or check what you completed.

Upcoming Track

Built-in Tracks

Hightrack includes four tracks (worksets) to cover most situations when organizing and doing, not matter if you’re at work, studying or at home. We truly believe that these tracks are going to change the way you do your things:

  • Today: a superclean space that shows all stuff that you should do in the next hours: tasks due today and events scheduled for this day. This track is for doing and it’s perfect to start the day with.
  • Upcoming: a handy timeline that shows the upcoming activity for next days, for both tasks and events. This track is for overviewing and it’s perfect for the end of the day, or sunday evening. (You can see how it looks in the upper screenshot.)
  • Focus on: it helps you to aim your attention to get things done based on lists, contexts, your current energy level or your available time. This track is for doing and it’s perfect when you need to focus on 1-2 special projects, or choose tasks when you feel tired.
  • Last Week: an explanatory timeline that shows what you did in the last days. This track is for reviewing and it’s perfect for evaluating your workweek on friday afternoon.

Why Tracks?

We’ve been working with endless and cluttered lists for too many years, and it’s time for a real change. With so much activity, projects and events, knowing what’s going on, getting a clear vision of what should I do next, or finding the focus to get things done, it’s harder everyday. Because we’re humans, not machines.

Being productive and getting results is not just about adding or managing lists, is about making smart choices based on clear information. We created Tracks to give you the tools to choose, focus and accomplish in a smart way.

How our three apps work in Hightrack? While Tasks is the place for adding and organizing your lists and tasks, and Calendar is where you manage your schedule, Tracks is your command center where the smart work happens: a place to know, a place to choose, a place to do.

On Track!