Useful keyboard shortcuts

In Hightrack we love keyboard shortcuts. In many cases, working with them instead your mouse is more productive and far convenient. That’s why Hightrack includes a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up most common operations, such as add new task or event, or move between main apps.

Some shortcuts will be included in upcoming weeks, but our private beta already has three great shortcuts to make your landing experience even smoother.

Available Shortcuts

  • Add Task or Event: just press Enter and start typing. Press Enter again to save it.
  • Add several Tasks in a row: press Shift and Enter when saving a task.
  • Mark Task as Done: select any task and then press Spacebar.
  • Multiple Selection (for tasks, or tags on the Focusbar): press Shift while clicking in your items.

Upcoming Shortcuts

  • Move between apps (including three main apps and your own shortcuts): press Alt + 1-9
  • Move between sections (on the Focusbar): press Ctrl + 1-5
  • And many others to come…

Adding new stuff

We put a lot of care in the most repetitive action: adding new tasks or events. In Hightrack this operation is blazingly fast. It takes literally 5-10 seconds: Enter-> Type the title-> Enter. Done!

And remember, if you want to add several tasks in a row, just press Shift when saving the first one. This will immediately save the current task and clear the window to add a new one. Very handy!

On Track!