Web app: more speed, better performance

Did you notice something different in our web app recently? Yep, now it’s way faster :-)

Weeks ago, we decided to change a little bit our development roadmap, and focus our efforts on improving our web app performance. With all the new parts and features of the last months, it became quite slow. And that’s the opposite of what we want to give you.


So we rethought, redesigned, deleted, added, cleaned, tweaked and refined. And now our web app is faster and more fluid than ever. Actually, we compared it with previous versions and it’s almost x3 time faster. We think this small detour in our roadmap has been more than worthwhile.

Log into your account and try it for yourself!

But that’s not it. Because we want to make it better. In the next weeks before Christmas, while we work in other major features and releases, you will be seeing more changes in our web app. Stay tuned.

On Track!