Web app: new noteworthy update

Although for our web app we’re constantly uploading new versions (every 1-2 weeks), and we don’t comment all of them, yesterday’s update deserves a special note. There’re some cool additions we think they’re going to enhance the Hightrack experience.

Today: reorder cards

sort cardsYou asked for it and you got it. Now you can reorder and sort your daily tasks in Today track. Just click and drag any card and drop it wherever you want. This will help you to set an order for your tasks (if you want to do them sequentially), or just put the smallest and lightest tasks at the end of your daily batch.

But there’s more. Because this feature also works in the Focus track and all Get it done tracks you may create with the Track Builder (only Premium). As you can imagine, this will open new possibilities to your workflow.

Calendar: pick a color

calendar colorsWant to customize the color of your calendar? Finally you can :-) Just edit the calendar name (double click on the Sidebar) and click on the color bullet. Currently we have four colors but a new ones are on their way.

Performance: more fluid and speed

We’re constantly improving this area, because it’s extremely important for all of us. And with yesterday’s update you probably noticed a better performance. Smoother transitions, better modal windows behavior, and quicker switch between apps and shortcuts on the Dock.

There’re many more things that you may not see. But there’re there, under the hood. Actually, this update has more than 30 improvements.

But we don’t stop. While you’re seeing all of this in the web app, we’re making progress in our Android app and iOS 7 app. If everything goes ok, both are due for next month. Thanks for your support!

On Track!